Modular hospital & clinic

More and more patients need daily care and along with the lack of available beds hospitals undergo difficulties today.

IMG can offer portable modular buildings so you can quickly and easily improve your hospital. You will have a fully usable workspace suitable for a variety of medical purposes over a period of several weeks.

As experienced experts in modular construction, we know the standards necessary to create additional space.

Thanks to the availability of 11.000 m2 of production area at our disposal we are able to implement a large order within short time.

Our design specialists can join you to develop the perfect layout so that your patients and staff can make the most of your new space.

IMG modular hospital is a smart engineering solution that reduces the cumulative building expenditures.

Thanks to the versatility of the modular structure, you can create additional space to meet your current project requirements as closely as possible. All modular hospital buildings can be designed as fully autonomous facilities or can be joined to existing health care facilities.

The ability to expand, reduce or modify the configuration of modular structures makes them the perfect choice for healthcare. This means that you can quickly and easily transform a modular office unit into a patient room by expanding it. Modular hospital is a smart engineering solution that reduces the cumulative building expenditures. The difference between traditional construction and modular is that the structural components are manufactured outside the construction site, and then the finished modules are joined together to form a building on a site. This saves a great amount of working time and therefore saves money on the remuneration for construction specialists. Using our modules in hospital construction saves you money, which can be divided in a more efficient way and transferred to practicing physicians for equipment and research.

Our modular buildings are ideal for patient rooms, doctors' offices and probationary wards. Our services will help you comfortably treat your patients and provide your employees with the space they need to work comfortably and efficiently.

Our modular hospitals can be used to create various medical zones, including:

  • Hospital rooms
  • Clinical departments
  • Operating rooms
  • Modular office spaces
  • Admitting offices (receptions)

Thanks to fast production, we can provide you with a high-quality product within the shortest time period, which will facilitate workflow.

We can develop your own hospital project to meet all your demands!

Our team works with commercial suppliers of healthcare services and equipment on a regular basis. In this way, we can quickly and efficiently provide the perfect modular structure for your needs.

Despite the extremely short construction period, our quickly erectable buildings meet all industry standards, including any requirements from local authorities. We can guarantee that every modular building that we provide is safe and comfortable for both patients and staff.

Traditional construction often misses the deadlines for a few months. You must admit, that missed deadlines are the last thing you need for a private hospital. Traditional construction projects create a lot of noise and an unsafe condition at the hospital site.

Modular construction, therefore, allows us to guarantee that every part of your individual structure is manufactured at the factory.

IMG is proud to offer you a service on a turnkey basis. Working with our team will help to give your patients medical treatment in a new medical space in just a few weeks!

Important! Our modular constructions can be used not only to construct new buildings but also to expand the existing areas realising any customer’s request in terms of shape, design and decoration.