House A46bV

Abmessung: Sizes: Размеры: Rozmery:
3,71 x 12,27 x 3,72
Gesamtfläche: Total area: Общая площадь: Celková plocha:
Wohnfläche Residential area: Жилая площадь: Obytná plocha:
* Hier ist ein Minimalpreis angegeben. Der Preis variiert je nach der Ausstattung, Möbeln usw. There is indicated the minimum price. The price varies from decoration, furniture etc. Здесь указана минимальная цена. Цена варьируется от отделки, мебели и т.д. Tu je uvedená minimálna cena. Cena sa líši od dekorácie, nábytku atď.
House A46bV is an all-year house, designed in modular technology and based on one steel frame with a gable roof. Facade and roof covered with sheet metal facade panels. Unity of elevation complemented with wood board detail. The module combines the functional qualities of the designed space with a contemporary approach to architectural solutions. The main advantage is a separate space for 6 people consisting of a living room, open kitchenette and bathroom and two bedrooms. The high standard guaranteed by the selection of materials will make the product meet the customer's expectations for many years. This is the house tailored to your family and friends.